Monday, February 13, 2012

Top 10 Geeky Marriage Proposals

When proposing, many people like to do something out of the ordinary. When you are into so-called "geeky" stuff,  it opens up the doors to all the more creative ways to propose to that special someone. Here are 10 of the best geeky marriage proposals.

10) The Doctor Who Proposal

When your girlfriend is a hardcore Doctor Who fan, it could be beneficial to involve the Doctor when you propose. This particular gentleman decided to take his girlfriend to a Doctor Who Museum where he got permission to use the exhibit as part of his proposal set. He stepped down from the TARDIS dressed like the good Doctor and made his move. (Via

9) The Pokemon Card Proposal

Nothing is more surprising than playing Pokemon cards only to find a wedding ring hiding amongst your deck of cards. That’s what happened to this Pokemon fan when her boyfriend decided to surprise her while they were playing a favorite game of hers.

8) The In-front of a Star Trek Celebrity Proposal 

One of the most popular videos of 2011, this video went viral as people tuned in to see a regular guy proposing to his cute girlfriend at a convention. Although it’s hard to hear what they are saying, you can really get a sense of what he is talking about. The final “surprise” at the end is what makes this proposal all the more exciting.

7) The Star Wars Proposal 

As this video demonstrates, posing for pictures with all of your Star Wars friends in front of a convention center, is one of the best times to propose to your girlfriend, because she won’t suspect a thing. It's also nice to share the moment with an entire group of people, and when this star Wars-loving couple have kids they can tell them that their dad proposed dressed like Ben Kenobi.

6) The Internet Memes Proposal   

A proposal using printed out memes and a professional camera crew is a very sweet way to ask the woman you love to marry you without having to actually say anything at all. It is also worth mentioning that this guy had printed up a backup card in case she said no. (Source:

5) The Zelda Proposal

Zelda fans can appreciate the effort it took to hack into a favorite video game to send a marriage proposal. Although proposing using a video game has been done in a variety of formats, this proposal also involved props: as the ring came in a Zelda heart-shaped ring container.(Source:

4) Chrono Trigger Proposal

Not only did this guy hack into the video game Chrono Trigger to send his girlfriend a marriage proposal, but leading up to the message he added extra stuff into the game that represented places and items that were important to both of them. Apparently since she had never played the game before she didn’t figure it out until the end:

From youtube:
“Overall, it was a resounding success. She had no idea that this wasn't part of the original. She asked, "Hey, are those the Princess Bride lyrics? Do the Japanese really love that movie?" to which I responded, "Yeah! That's probably it! Either that or a bored translator slipping in an easter egg."

When her name appeared on screen (blurred in this video), she glanced over to me (on one knee, with the ring out), wondering, "How did they get my name in this game?" When she saw the ring, she reread the proposal, nodded yes, and said, "You are such a huge nerd! I love this!"

3) The Super Mario World Proposal 

For a fan of Super Mario, this proposal is top notch. Not only did her boyfriend convert a room into a Super Mario themed world, but this guy gets points for creativity because she also had to hit her engagement ring out from a fake brick with her head. Very clever.

2) Blizzcon Costume Competition Proposal

This guy proposed
while his girlfriend was wearing a World of Warcraft outfit on stage at Blizzcon in front of hundreds of people and barely able to see or walk. A little awkward but still very cute.

1) Flash Mob (At A Comic Convention) Proposal

This last one has a little of everything: it’s a group dancing to a well rehearsed routine which they performed at the New York Comicon. A lot of people were involved and since it’s at a convention, everyone is dressed up in costumes. The guy proposing even dressed up like Ash Ketchum from the Pokemon series. When you have a big proposal like this, it helps if you have multiple people filming the event. (via youtube)

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