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5 Awesome Star Wars Projects That You Can Make At Home

There is a ton of Star Wars stuff available for fanboys. But I always say why buy when you can make it! When you make a craft it takes on a special significance and that's partly because you made it yourself and put the work into it. Lots of people online are handy with glue and paint and enjoy showing off their goodies, a select few creative people were kind enough to share their Star Wars craft tutorials with the rest of us. If you are feeling creative you can give some of these homemade activities a try. The links to the tutorials are in the individual descriptions.

5 Awesome Star Wars Crafts With How-To Tutorials


5. Lightsaber Party Favors and Cake

Via Muddybootsblog
If you are having a Star Wars themed party, or if you just want to have a lightsaber duel with your friends, be safe: make these friendly lightsaber party favors out of pool floats. If you are really feeling creative, muddybootsblog has more tips and tricks to host your very own Star Wars themed party including a step-by-step guide to the cake. (via muddybootsblog)

via muddybootsblog

4. Millennium Falcon Pancakes

Pancakes are already one of the best breakfast foods around (not to mention the tastiest), but did you know that you can turn your pancakes into almost any creature and ship? Turn your pancakes into Star Wars themed stuff like the Millennium Falcon and an AT-AT. The only problem is that once you make them, you might not want to eat these intricate pancake creations. (via Jimspancakeblog)  

VIDEO: How to make Millennium Falcon pancakes: 

3. Cuddly Chewbacca Stuffed Animal

I always thought when watching the Star Wars movies as a kid, that Chewbacca looked a lot like bipedal dog. That's cute and cuddly right? This Chewbacca stuffed animal really does look cuddly and sweet. The creator of the project was kind enough to post the pattern on her website so everyone can make their personal Chewbacca cuddle monster. (via

Geeky Craft Books:

2. Star Wars Character Paper Creations

Via toy-a-day
These box like paper crafts are the genius work of a crafter who makes a new character out of paper everyday! Even better: if you want the patterns to make cute paper creations of your favorite Star Wars characters, Toy-A- Day has made the tutorials available so you can make your very own Boba Fett. (Get the patterns at Toy-A-Day).

1. Millennium Falcon Guitar 


Everyone just take a breath and relax because this next project is pretty epic. Let's put this project in a special category just for expert crafters. This Millennium Falcon guitar by youtuber Fiskybusiness89 is not for the beginner do-it-yourself types.The video includes a step-by step picture guide to show you how he made his Star Wars guitar: 

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