Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Venom Cosplay That Was Banned From Facebook (Might Be NSFW)

This Venom cosplay was considered so graphic that when the photographs were posted onto Facebook, they were actually taken down and the photographer was banned from the site. I honestly don't see what's so graphic about these pictures that they deserved to get banned. Let's be honest: these pictures are awesome and they don't appear to be explicit in nature, do they? At least they don't seem to warrant being banned from the site just for being posted. I mean look at it this way, lots of girls have posted pictures onto Facebook with their boobs practically hanging out of their shirts and that's considered alright for the site, but this isn't for some reason. The model in the pictures isn't even naked (her costumes is made out of liquid latex) and I can't see her lady bits. As far as Venom cosplay goes, I think this is probably one of my favorite renditions of the character. What do you think, is this too graphic? Hit the jump to see more pictures.


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  1. Silly, I have seen far more provocative pictures on Facebook