Thursday, August 16, 2012

Star Trek Fan Plans To Restore Enterprise D Bridge After Saving Set Pieces From Trash

Photos Via Facebook
What would you do if you saw that Paramount was throwing away the pieces from the Enterprise D Bridge from Star Trek? Hopefully you would have done the same thing as this trekkie: When a fan saw the set pieces were being thrown out, he managed to save the set from ending up in the trash. He hopes to restore the bridge to it's original state and perhaps use the set for future events and/or fundraisers. 

First of all, I am surprised that Paramount just went ahead and threw this stuff out, knowing full well how much some Trek fans would love to own a piece of this stuff! Like the Captain's chair! Imagine having that at your desk or in your living room? Before it was thrown out, they didn't even take care of the stuff, because the set pieces appear to be severely damaged. The Trek-rescuer plans on launching a Kickstarter campaign to restore the set to it's original Star Trek glory. Seeing how Star Trek fans no longer have the theme park Star Trek: The Experience, having a new Trekkie themed area seems like a wonderful idea. You can follow the restoration project at it's Facebook page. Hit the jump to see pictures from the set:

Source: blastr via facebook

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