Monday, August 13, 2012

Star Trek Continues: A Brilliant New Fan Series

Star Trek Continues is an unofficial fan series which aims to continue the voyages of the crew of the USS Enterprise. Only a few minutes are available from the series so far, but those few minutes have been able to capture the imaginations of Star Trek fans. The series shows promise and there are several things that make this upcoming series unique. One is the casting: The actors who are portraying the iconic roles appear to be very well cast as the original crew. Vic Mignona, who is best known for being the voice actor in several anime's like Full Metal Alchemist and Dragonball Z, plays Captain James T. Kirk. Chris Doohan's father was the late James Doohan, and he will be playing Mr. Scott. Lastly Mr. Sulu is played by Grant Imahara, from the Discovery Channel's Mythbusters. Although the casting can be appreciated by any geek, when you watch the first few minutes of the series, the sets are what will really strike the viewer: Star Trek Continues has masterfully recreated the atmosphere of the show so well that you might actually be able to convince yourself that this series takes place aboard the USS Enterprise.

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