Monday, August 20, 2012

Check This Out: Lost Themed Nursery

Like most Lost fans out there, I was a little underwhelmed with the series finale, but it wasn't entirely terrible and in the end I still loved the series. Obviously I am not the only one: this expecting couple made a baby nursery for their little one made entirely with items inspired by Lost. What this means is that everything in this nursery has a special connection to the show somehow. The room includes Dharma Initiative baby clothes, baby food, and changing table. They also have a Virgin Mary statue like the one that Charlie found on the island, and a picture of the baby's parents in the style of the photograph between Penny and Desmond. It's attention to details like this that make this room so spectacular. Care to speculate if this baby grows up loving or hating the show? Hit the jump for more pictures and a video that shows how the room was created: 

Source Via bjc

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