Wednesday, August 1, 2012

15 Geeky Cupcake Creations

I have a major sweet tooth, so it was pretty fun to make this next list. I have theory about why cupcakes are so great: not only are they delicious but with one cupcake you get an entire mini-cake in the palm of your hand, all too yourself, and it;s more fun than eating a regular piece of cake. You also get an entire design on your cupcake, whereas with a giant cake, the design gets ruined when you cut it. They always come well decorated: I have never seen a gourmet cupcake that wasn't nicely embellished. Simply put, cupcakes are tons of fun. Be sure to also check out our Geeky Wedding and Birthday Cakes list. Here are 15 geeky cupcakes for your viewing pleasure.

Super Mario and Friends Cupcakes
Photo Via flickr
Pick your Mii (The Wii Miis cupcakes)
Photo Via flickr
Pac-Man Cupcakes
Via Flickr

Domo Arigato, Mr. Roboto (Robot Cupcakes)
Photo via geekologie
It's Sushi Time! Cupcakes
iPhone apps Cupcakes
Via Slipperybrick
 Doctor Who Cupcakes
Via Scotchtrooper
Resistance Is Futile! (Star Trek-Borg Cupcakes)
via Globalgeeknews
Angry Birds Cupcakes
Via CandyBarCupcakes
Hello Kitty Cupcakes
Via HelloKittyForever

SuperHero Tower of Cupcakes
GeekSweets Via CupcakesTakeTheCake
The Simpsons Cupcakes
Via FollaBackGrrl
X-Box Cupcakes
Via GeeksAreSexy
The Muppets Cupcakes
Via Techblog

Mutants NOT Aliens (TMNT cupcakes)
Via Toxel

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