Friday, July 20, 2012

Dark Knight Rises Tragedy: Gunman Kills 12 and Injures 55 More at Batman Premiere

The shooter: James Holmes
At last night's midnight premiere of the Dark Knight Rises, a gunman in Aurora, Colorado, broke into a movie theater and opened fire on a crowd of moviegoers. It is being reported that 20 minutes into the Batman movie, the suspect, named James Holmes, threw gas canisters into the theater and then opened fire, killing 12 and injury 55 others, including young children. (Via TorontoSun)

Thankfully the suspect has been arrested and is now in police custody, but this random act of violence feels particularly shocking because The Dark Knight Rises has been in the news for so long, and is considered a major event to so many people. One that I am sure most nerds and fanboys (myself included) were wholeheartedly looking forward to seeing this weekend, knowing full well they would have great memories of this movie for many years to come. Now the unthinkable has happened, a senseless crime has left innocent people dead and wounded. Words cannot express how saddened I am by this horrific event. My thoughts and prayers go out to all the victims, to their friends and families. 

Update: I think George Takei says it best:

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