Thursday, June 14, 2012

Watch the Trailer For The FP: One Of The Silliest Movies of the Year

The FP is a movie about a post-apocalyptic world where rival street gangs are locked in a turf war over Frazier Park (FP), their battlefield is a video game: they battle with "Dance Dance Revolution".. er, sorry... "Beat Beat Revelation"... but this isn't any normal DDR game, the loser can be violently electrocuted and die. As one character remarks in the movie trailer this is "for reals". 

The movie was released in theaters March 2012 (in limited release) and although at first glance it might seem like a joke, it is definitely a real movie, with a silly premise that will undoubtedly prove to have a few laughs. The trailer basically describes the whole movie in under 3 minutes: with highlights like watching the main character train for his upcoming dance match by hopping tires and jumping up and down with a person on his back. Seems pretty hardcore. As one character remarks in the movie: "dance with your mind, not with your feet"...  Oh boy.

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