Thursday, May 17, 2012

Run A Marathon Through A Zombie-Filled Obstacle Course

This is the Run For Your Lives marathon, which will be going through North America. The next race will be in held in Minnesota. How much fun does this look? I really, really want to be part of this race, partly because I feel that I would be awesome in it (in reality probably not).

This race involves running 5K through an obstacle course with zombies surrounding you the whole time. If you are like me, when you watch a zombie movie or The Walking Dead, than you have wondered if you could survive longer than some of the people on screen. Thanks to this race, you can put your theories to the test! Running through the woods with zombies on your tail sounds incredibly fun, the only downside is that they aren't real zombies: otherwise I would bring weapons too. 

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Source: LaughingSquid

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