Monday, January 16, 2012

Have You Always Wanted To Eat Unicorn Poop? Look No Further!

Unicorns. Elusive creatures that roam nature's backwoods and remain hidden from the rest of the world. Through movies, books, television shows and toys, unicorns have captured the hearts of many children and young-at-heart adults. Have you ever wanted to get a piece of the magic? Like really take a bite out of it? Well now you can, with unicorn poop cookies! Yum Yum! Not only are they magical, but it tastes good too!

The creator of this glorious idea is instructables user kristylynn84. Click on the link to find out how you too can turn sugar cookies into unicorn poop with only a ton of sprinkles and glitter. Ingenious.
Click here.

Poop never looked this magical!

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This reminds me of another unicorn product from, Canned Unicorn Meat:

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