Monday, October 3, 2011

My Little Pony Documentary: The Phenomenon of Pony Collectors

My Little Pony has been around since 1983 and was created by the toy manufacturing giant Hasbro. Over the years, My Little Pony has had several reboots and is still popular, arguably more than ever.
With the creation of the newest show "Friendship is Magic", viewership is not considered exclusively for children, the show has a large target audience and has received positive feedback from many people who watch and enjoy this newest reboot, demonstrating that the My Little Pony franchise continues to captivate pony fans. Like many collectors who developed an interest in a specific toy from childhood, many young fans later grew up and continued to collect these toys as adults. A new documentary has been created which discusses My Little Pony collectors entitled "My Little Obsession", a documentary that deals exclusively with the culture of people who collect these ponies, a phenomenon that has had followers for almost 30 years, and continues to draw in more fans and collectors! The film was created by a My Little Pony collector with a special insight into this unique community, it includes footage from conventions and interviews with My Little Pony collectors and Hasbro designers. 

Here is the trailer for the film: 

For more information about the documentary you can go to the website:

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