Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Monster Brawl Movie

Finally! A new funny movie about Monsters!

The upcoming Monster Brawl movie features classic movie monster characters who must fight each other in wrestling matches. I am excited for this movie for various reasons, number one being that it looks hilarious. The Fantasia Film Festival held annually every year in Montreal has honored this movie as an official selection for 2011. This movie looks like it will be packed with B-movie type humor and with a cast of various backgrounds; including actor Dave Foley (Kids in the Hall), Lance Henriksen (Aliens) and for anyone who ever watched the WWE in the 80s and 90s they will most certainly recognize manager Jimmy Hart and wrestler Kevin Nash. If that doesn't grab you, then you have such things as character names like "Witch Bitch" and Swamp Gut" to entertain you. Obviously this movie won't win an oscar, but it has the potential to entertain for 2 hours and if you have a sense of humor you might even laugh out loud!


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