Thursday, September 29, 2011

Recycling The Nintendo Entertainment System

Overtime, older video game systems often become obsolete. It's true that many fans of classic video game often cherish their older systems, but most of the time older systems are thrown out or donated to make space for newer equipment. A great example of this is with the original Nintendo Entertainment System, where thousands still exist but most of them are probably not even used anymore, or dare I say... even functioning? Benjamin Gaulo has come up with a unique solution to this problem, by taking these used systems and recycling them into something new.
He has decided to use the classic Nintendo system for his art project, and as he mentions it was very easy to obtain multiple copies. And what is his art project? Well he uses the NES parts for music of course! From Bit

"It’s a hack that will have you jamming in no time, literally. Mr. Gaulo put together a six controller box, which is programmed to incorporate 6 Nintendo controllers to play instruments, all at the same time. It’s a complicated process that introduces new and ultimately geeky functionality to the controllers, and it enables basically a whole party to come together and play some Nintendo… hmm, music by jamming away with the buttons. The result… chaos to say the least, but fun! No doubt about it!" 

I had my doubts about this being little more than a gimmick, but I do like the idea of jamming to music with 5 of my friends on a NES controller no less. And since more Nintendo Entertainment Systems are readily available, and many can be found for free, the creator could very well start selling these and make a nice profit. Check out the video of the end result: 


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